Two Lives One Lifetime

Two Lives One Lifetime

Pat Reihl is the author of the newly released memoir “Two Lives One Lifetime”. She describes her own experience through her journey of generational addiction. Her compelling story paints the picture of how addiction impacted her life and impeded the lives of her family. She writes about her recovery and never looking back.

Today, Pat continues a thirty-five year professional career in addiction recovery, specializing in women and helping families. This is Mrs. Reihl’s first book and a must read! Her book Two Lives One LIfetime can be purchased through her website:

Pat Reihl was on the Dr. Kimberly Show October 31st and talked about her new book. Please log in to hear her amazing story.–addiction

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Reciprocal Heroes – Importance of dad/daughter relationships. Join me today with Clay Brizendine, Author of Shoebox Letters.

Author of Shoebox Letters.

Are dad/daughter relationships important? Of course they are but how? Join me today with Clay Brizendine to discuss his ideals on the importance of dad/daughter relationships and his new book called “Shoebox Letters” a compilation of letters written to dads from their daughters. Mark Victor Hanson, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says, “Shoebox Letters is uplifting, heart loving and one we all should share with someone we love.”


Interview with Kati Maxwell of Holistic Odyssey!

Katie MaxwellAccording to Katie Maxwell of Holisitc Odyssey, eating whole foods in their natural state are safe and better for the body. She even argues that changing your eating habits within 30 days can cure Type II Diabetes over time.

Whole foods are as nature intended: whole, natural, and fresh. The beauty of whole foods is they contain vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates that is needed for the human body to survive and thrive!

Katie Maxwell was on my show and was able to add color around the importance of eating better. I want to thank Katie for visiting my show and making a difference. My co-host and myself have planned to take part in a 21 day challenge of incorporating better eating into our daily diets. To listen to the show please click on the following link:



Giving Back is our Social Responsibility!

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Dr. Kimberly Nicole Rowland:

This is an awesome quote! Are you sailing through the storms at this time in your life? If so, hold on the rainbow is just ahead! Thanks Silvia!

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Romance in the workplace! Good or Bad?




Romance in the workplace is increasing, and several factors of the modern economy have contributed to it according to some surveys.  Many employees spend more time at the office then at home to meet business needs.

Employees  working with each other share similiar backgrounds, goals and talents. Let’s face it, it’s better then picking up a stranger at your local bar or is it?  Workplace relationships have their own complications.  On this segment we will discuss those difficulties and many other areas involved in workplace relationships.  You can listen to my broadcast at the following link.

Dr. Kim 

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